Workspace Alaska

It is my dream to see more people step into their passions and pursue them with purpose. I hope this space provides some encouragement on your journey to grow your endeavors with rentable office space including hourly, daily and dedicated desk space. This space has been a burning dream of mine as I’ve explored more ways to support the creative entrepreneur. I’m fascinated by business and firmly believe that we should take advantage of all life offers us. We are excited to grow this business and offer you affordable solutions for your office space/creative space needs.

Most people know I’m a photographer; many would be surprised to learn that I have multiple businesses, including part ownership in a local brewery. I can’t imagine spending my days doing anything but growing companies and enjoying this community. After five years as chapter leader for the Rising Tide Society, a movement founded on community-over-competition for entrepreneurs, I have walked beside hundreds of creatives and business-savvy people and understand the growing pains. One of the chief complaints has been not having a place away from the home to meet clients or simply have the peace and quiet to work.

Our Story

In 2018, I toured over 30 co-office spaces to understand options and cast a vision for what I wanted to build. Returning to Alaska,
I found a modest building with room to expand. I filled the space with versatile furnishings and modern conveniences to make the best use of this growing space. I’m starting with 900 sq feet and slowly expanding in the existing building. I hope you will enjoy what has been put together so far! I designed the space with the modern creative in mind, wrapped in 6-foot windows and interior glass doors, allowing as much natural light as possible. A clean and bright place can help us all stay inspired throughout the winter. As the office grows, I want to hear from you! What are you missing in your current space, and what would be beneficial to you? Let’s keep the conversation going!

Let’s Start Dreaming!

Client Meetings

Use Workspace Alaska as a welcoming environment to meet your clients

The Best Perks

Rates include stocked coffee, water, tea, and kitchenette use


Workspace Alaska is perfect for your photography sessions

Rental Rates

I am offering a variety of rental options, including hourly, daily, and dedicated desk space.

Becoming a dedicated desk member comes with the best perks. Do you want all the amenities and first use of studio space each month? We currently have two desks available in a lockable room. You can set up shop here and leave work behind when you head home.

$575/mo Includes all utilities and stocked coffee, water, tea, and kitchenette use.

Need space periodically?
You can rent this space for client meetings, photography sessions, classes, or whatever you can dream up!

Introductory rates:
Private Rental
$40/hour or $295/ 8 Hour Day

If you want to negotiate a regular schedule for an ongoing class I can accommodate a special rate, just give me a call! 907-315-5044


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