The Journey: Opening a Co-Working Space

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Let’s take a little journey down memory lane and chat about why I decided to open a co-working space in Alaska! I’m excited to share where this all came from and even more excited to see what you do with this space!

Work Smarter Not Harder

I have spent a lot of my life traveling, including spending summers with my Dad in California. I have also lived in Northern California and Eastern Washington. After moving back home to Alaska, it left me longing for more access to better office space and reasonable shipping rates, at the very least. I have found coffee shops in California that put “Class-A” office rentals in Alaska to shame. Besides, most of what I have found over the last 10 years are retail space options that come with retail space price tags. I have never felt like I could afford the rent and still do something meaningful with the rental options available here. To pay for retail space as a service-based business, I would have to double my workload, which meant there was no time left to care for myself and lead a balanced life. Alaskan architecture has been primarily built for other reasons and certainly not to sustain the modern creative nor meet most entrepreneurs’ needs. We always seem to be trailing 10+ years behind the rest of the nation in most aspects of life. There are plenty of advantages to the way of life up here. Still, when it comes to running businesses, I believe we should be building efficient companies that allow us to cultivate the quality of life we desire. Work smarter, not harder!

Hi I’m Amber Owner of Workspace Alaska and this is Mr. Blue, he makes frequent office appearances and will be a little over-joyed to meet you!

Saving 70% on Office Space in Alaska

Over the years, I have had some ok options for studio space but nothing meeting my needs or my clients’ needs. I shared a space years ago, and being able to split the load was a huge help. I think that is part of where this idea came about. Although living in the lower 48 definitely had the most significant impact on wanting to see these opportunities become a reality for Alaskans. I love this season we’re in where people are really evaluating how they spend their time and what that does for the greater good. The “American Dream” is dismantling, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I want to be free to grow as a person and devote my time and energy to meaningful and impactful things. When I think about how we show up in this world and what we do with the time we have, I have not wanted to wreck myself to pay for someone else’s building. And I don’t want that for you. I am devoted to helping people step into their power and reclaim their time by doing what they are meant to do. Co-working makes this possible as we all share the load of overhead, but we all pay 70% less than we would spend on our own.

Dreaming up This Space

In 2018 I toured over 30 co-office spaces along the west coast to understand options and cast a vision for what I wanted to build. Returning to Alaska, I found a modest building with room to expand. I found versatile furnishings and modern conveniences to make the best use of this growing space. I’m starting with 900 sq feet and slowly expanding in the existing building and then beyond. I hope you will enjoy what has been put together so far! I designed the space with the modern creative in mind, wrapped in 6-foot windows and interior glass doors, allowing as much natural light as possible. A clean and bright place can help us all stay inspired, especially throughout the winter.

Do What You Love

It is my dream to see more people step into their passions and pursue them with purpose. I hope this space provides some encouragement on your journey to grow your endeavors. Whether you need an hour to meet with your client, a whole day to have a party, a dedicated desk, or teach a class I have designed this space to be flexible for any different needs and I can’t wait to dream with you! You can see our current rates and rental options here.

My Career

Most people know I’m a photographer and brand strategist for entrepreneurs, many would be surprised to learn that I have multiple businesses, including part ownership in a local brewery. I can’t imagine spending my days doing anything but growing companies and enjoying this community. I served as a local chapter leader for the Rising Tide Society for 5 years, a movement founded on community-over-competition for entrepreneurs. 450 chapters meeting monthly to share business knowledge and raise the tide together. I just wrapped my time leading this chapter to focus on expansions and other projects but it was 5 years well spent!

Dreaming Big

This space has been a burning dream of mine as I’ve explored more ways to support the creative entrepreneur. I’m fascinated by business, personal development and firmly believe that we should take advantage of all that life has to offer.

Thanks for being here! This space is just the beginning of an expand­ing effort to create inspiring spaces at an affordable rate for creatives, service-based professionals and entrepreneurs. Let us know what you want to see as we expand! Let’s keep the conversation going as we are making big plans this winter!

XO Amber


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